Emergencies and Repairs

In the case of an emergency in NH, dial 911.

Please be especially careful during the early season as there are many hazards just under the light blanket of new snow. Don’t ruin your new sled and the rest of your riding this season by going off trail and hitting a hidden stump or rock.

Be sure to pay particular attention to all signs and directions along the trail. Respect the land and remember that we are often guests on someone else’s private property.

Caution: please be very careful if you venture out on frozen bodies of water. If you have any doubt about the safety of the ice, STAY ON LAND! Sinking yourself and your sled is not worth it. Also remember: wet clothing in freezing temperatures can be lethal.


We are fortunate to have several options for repair. Please show your support for these sponsors:

St. Hilaire Motorsports – Rochester, NH

Rochester Sports Center – Barrington, NH

Dover Marine – Dover, NH

Rochester Motor Sports – Rochester, NH

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