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Powder Mill Snowmobile Clubs operates two groomers that cover over 90 miles of trails. Our trails are known to offer some of the best riding in Southern New Hampshire. 

Video by Ginny Lea Real Estate Photography

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This is one of the worst years in the last 28 years for snowmobile riding. So wet, beavers and erosion made the trail to Alton and many surrounding clubs trails in passable. I feel the Powder Mill (PMSC) trails no outlets from our system for currently for family riding with all five Snowmobile trails leaving PMSC very dangerous for family riding. All but one is unsafe for even the most adventurous rider.

PMSC upper elevations (around 40 miles total round trip) is good and safe riding.

PMSC lower elevations (around 25 miles total round trip) is marginal spring like riding - water, mud, low snow. On warm days like today, it is even worse. If you hate mud forget about it.

PMSC Devel's den (around 25 miles total round trip) is good and safe riding with very little parking. Because of the limited riding in the area we did groom for those who can

get there. There is still hope the lake may get safe.

Weekend update. All 3 groomers have been out as much as temperatures and conditions have allowed. Our system is about 80% groomed with marginal to good riding, the further you get from Rt11, the better it gets.

-NO access to Alton, due to water.

-The area between Rt11 and the general store access is a mess, the southern section of the Tree Farm Trail is rough at best, pass at your own risk.

-Den trails are in good shape, but you have to trailer there.

-Expect to find open water bars, we are building and installing temporary culverts where we can.

Ride safe

  • Powder Mill Snowmobile Club, New Durham: OPEN (80%), Lower elevation groomed. Moderate spring like conditions with 5” new snow with 3” base. Upper elevation- Corridor 22 and the Den area groomed with moderate to good conditions with 12” new snow with 6” base. NOTE: Corridor 22 from Johnsons (Rt. 11) to Alton is CLOSED due to water. CAUTION: no ice is safe.

  • Rochester to Farmington Recreational Rail Trail: OPEN. 5" new snow, moderate trail conditions, low snow, groomed

  • Three groomers out last two nights 70% groomed

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