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Powder Mill Snowmobile Clubs operates two groomers that cover over 90 miles of trails. Our trails are known to offer some of the best riding in Southern New Hampshire. 

Video by Ginny Lea Real Estate Photography

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Fair warning:

Groomers will be running in tandem tonight. Most of our northern system survived last week’s warm up and we are getting it ready for the weather at the end of this week. Fingers crossed we have played our hand right and we will pull off the Winter Carnival & Poker Run.

un on Saturday.

Mike is out grooming trails this morning. Says the little bit of new snow is providing lubrication/traction so get out there and ride!! Heading to Caverly Mountain top.

To clear up some confusion and answer the big question, yes the cookout is still on tomorrow and our trails are still open. All the early season work to establish a good base has paid off and our trails have held up. We know they will take a beating tomorrow, but with temps dropping to the teens overnight Saturday, we will begin work first thing Sunday morning to recover them and get them ready for those weekday riders.

The cookout starts at 12, so come let your sled cool down and come get a bite to eat and hangout. The cookout is located on the light blue trail in the photo, and signs along the Rt 11 trail will direct you there. See you all tomorrow!!!

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