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Crews at work, some trails are open

4 crews clearing trail, 12 hrs. of grooming. Most gates in New Durham are open. Low elevations marginal at best. Low snow could not groom. High elevation -good to excellent. Birch Ridge, Jessie and Corridor 22 to Moose Mountain. Many miles that were groomed still have trees and branches down. Farmington, Rochester and Alton Corridor 22 to Rt. 28 are closed.

Thanks to several crews of volunteers we were able to open some trails, mostly every north of Rt 11 up to Moose Mt. Conditions range from marginal in lower elevations (close to town) to excellent as you get up into the hills. Cor 22 from Johnsons out to Rt 28 remains closed as well as the Farmington and Rochester trails. We still could use some help cleaning up downed branches throughout the system.

Drove Mike's groomer to Mike's Maze. Trails are a little thin south of Merry Meeting Lake trail but great trails north of that from what I saw. Thin again back towards Tree Farm Trail.

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