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Groomers Heading Out

Updated: Jan 9

Hey folks, the “radio silence” is intentional. Yes, we got snow, and a decent amount, but there’s no moisture in it and it’s not binding to the ground. Yes, we did try and see what it would do. When we have news, we will share it. We will not answer a bunch of messages asking “are the trails open?” or “will you be grooming?” We want to be out there as much as you do.

Well, miracles never cease, I guess. Not long after the previous post, while moving one of the machines across town, they gave grooming another try, and had success. The new groomer is out on the northern trails opening gates and processing the snow. We are working on logistics for the southern trails, but hope to get them opened up as well.

The trails that got groomed this evening: Primary 352 (Rt 11) from Johnson’s south to B and B in Farmington.

Corridor 22 from Main Street in New Durham to the the gravel pit in Middleton. The Camp Pride Trail. The Lake trail down to the beach parking lot. The Tree Farm trail from Rt 11 to the intersection of Corridor 22.

Hopefully more tomorrow

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