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March Madness Trail Update

Good trail conditions with 8-inches of new snow and a 4 to 8-inch base. Corridor 22 from Johnson's to Rt 28 and Den.Trail off the Merrymeeting Lake is closed due to open water.

40% of trails groomed. May not be cold enough to groom for the next few days. Tonight may be below freezing from 10 pm to 8 am only. Grooming when it is too warm makes conditions worse.

The northern groomer has been out in force, and covered a majority of its territory. Headed towards Rochester from Quaker Rd (New Durham), the consistency of the snow changes to such that it doesn’t flow through the drag wel. We are hoping with some settling, we can do something with it tonight. The marsh off of Stockbridge Corner Rd, headed to Alton, is still soft, the gates are open for local traffic. We don’t recommend traveling through there. The trail to the Devils Den system from the boat launch is closed due to a landowner issue. Conditions are good for easy riding. We are doing the best we can with the hand Mother Nature is dealing us.

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