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Trails came together nicely during the week thanks to some dedicated groomer operators. We want to remind everyone that hazards still exist and a majority of our ridiers are families out enjoying the outdoors together, so please ride with cation and respect. If our two lots on Rt 11 fill up, please don’t park outside of the plowed areas, you will likely receive a note from authorities. There is overflow parking behind Trailside Power Sports. If you see our local Fish and Game officers give them a wave or even better, stop and thank them, Ron has done a lot to help the club keep and gain new trails.

Mike from Trailside added that they certainly don’t mind helping with parking. (THANKS MIKE) However if they're closed, they cable off the back area for security of their customers vehicles. It's best for riders that would like to park, please come in if they are open and ask where to park so you won't get "locked in" for the night. There is plenty of room in areas that won’t be cabled off. ”

Donations to support grooming can be made via Venmo here:

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