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Powder Mill Snowmobile Clubs operates two groomers that cover over 90 miles of trails. Our trails are known to offer some of the best riding in Southern New Hampshire. 

Video by Ginny Lea Real Estate Photography

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Trails have been holding up ok with the low traffic and cold nighttime temperatures. So don’t be discouraged about joining us at the “Cookout at the Lookout” this Saturday, 12-4. Landowner provided fireworks at dusk.

We are encouraging people to stay off our trails, for your safety. We are finding significant ponding in low areas, significant enough to get a sled stuck in. We covered as much ground as possible after the weekend. By 8:30 last night, the snow was too wet to process. We will have to wait till things freeze up enough. Grooming operations will have to take place in the early morning (like 3-4 am), and we only have a few operators available to volunteer at that time. We will do what we can when we can.

Trail report 2-4 inches at 9 pm

Groomed from Mikes Maze to Johnsons. Perfect

Early morning groom to Moose Mountain


Rt. 11 and lower half of Tree Farm Trail too wet to groom. Use caution and ride to your ability.

There are some low hanging trees and branches everywhere. Upper loop on Bickford’s and Camp Pride will not be groomed until trimmed for groomer. Need help. Cannot groom and clear trees at the same time.

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