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Powder Mill Snowmobile Clubs operates two groomers that cover over 90 miles of trails. Our trails are known to offer some of the best riding in Southern New Hampshire. 

Video by Ginny Lea Real Estate Photography

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With this new snow we want to send out a few reminders:

-There are many wet areas that will stay wet till we get some very cold nights -We have several washouts in the Den and one on the rail bed behind the Cocheco Veterinary Hospital, working on getting them fixed ASAP. -Corr 22 remains closed from Johnson’s to Alton -Gates are still closed from Rt11 to Chestnut Hill Rd in Farmington, they will be opened Wednesday night. -Watch for groomers, they will be busy this week.

-Main St. to rt. 11 closed to the store is open from Main St. only

Groomer lights up on Birch Ridge. View from the lake.

up on Birch Ridge. View is from the lake

Good morning.

Conditions are fair, exposed rocks and open water in wet areas.

Open: -Cor 22 from Main St to Moose Mt -P 352 from Johnsons to Quaker Rd -Tree Farm Trail

To be opened Saturday afternoon: -P 352 from Quaker Rd to at least the Cameron Loop trails. PLEASE NOTE, there is a washout behind Cocheco Veterinary office, it will be maked with cones and flagged, USE CAUTION in this spot as it is just wide enough for one sled to make it through. Fix hopefully coming Monday -Peaslee Loops -Cameron Loop

Closed: -Cor 22 from Johnsons to Alton, impassable due to open swamps

-Den trails, major washout, being worked on this weekend, possibly open next week. -Farmington Rail Trail, opening Monday night should we get more snow.

We have held off on plowing the lots at Johnson’s till Monday when conditions hopefully improve. Parking available at the Town Beach parking lot and Lions Camp Pride.

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