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Powder Mill Snowmobile Clubs operates two groomers that cover over 90 miles of trails. Our trails are known to offer some of the best riding in Southern New Hampshire. 

Video by Ginny Lea Real Estate Photography

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Southern Groomer is back in action and playing catch up. Groomed fromSpaulding High School to River Road tonight. Rail bed is in good shape. Tried grooming to Chestnut Hill Road and the 3rd pic is what I ran into about 1/4 mile from Rt. 11. People have been riding it but use caution if you do. I turned around at that point. 2nd pic is a water bar on Rt.11 just past the metal farm before the trail turns left to go up towards River Road. Plenty of snow cover but use caution when riding because there were other water bars past that going toward River Road. I did the best I could to fill them in but it needs another pass. Hopefully, with the cold temps coming up they will freeze and we can fill them all in!

The Northern Trails that are open are groomed, flat and wide. Most of the water bars are bridging over and most mud is setting up. The trails are extremely hard packed. Most sleds will need scratchers down to keep from overheating.

Groomed 12 hours today and plan to do the Den tomorrow. Groomed the swamp from Main Street to Johnsons and Rt. 11 to the mud, Corridor 22 to Moose Mountain and Camp Pride.

We only have the Northern groomer running.Corridor 22 to Rt 28 is still closed also. There is a 1/2 mile of Rt 11 trail closed due to mud and water. There is no grooming in town (see map). Riding is marginal.

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